First of all, color, texture (whether natural or artificial, as in Body Waves, Relaxers and Straighteners) and haircut go hand in hand. It’s a whole package people! So if you naturally have dark brown hair and you want to go blonde, a short tapered haircut may not be the best choice for you, unless you want double process (touch-up every 3 weeks), or you don’t mind your hair being on the coppery side of blonde, or two-toned (lighter in the front, dark in back and underneath). These are all options that people choose every day, and there is nothing wrong with them, but your hair isn’t going to look like you may have envisioned without a lot of maintenance. So I might suggest instead either keeping your hair at least to bob length, or, if it’s already short, placing a few bold highlights around your face and just lighten the rest with all over color. But it’s really a shame to have a full head of highlights done, and soon after decide you want to go really short. Without boring you with more explanation, suffice it to say, we need to consider each component of your hair when deciding on your style. This is a major reason I no longer specialize in one area of hairdressing. I think it’s best to have one stylist with a complete vision for your hair. Together we decide what is best suited for you, and I am able to have full control in the outcome of your hairstyle.

Cutting and Styling

All of my Women’s Haircuts start with a consultation and then a thorough shampoo and conditioning. The actual cutting takes no more than 10-15 minutes. After the hair is blown dry and smooth**, the cut is personalized and texturized. This is my favorite part and it’s also where the real magic happens. Any unwanted heaviness or bulk is removed or blended, insuring a style that is easy to manage on your own, and grows out easily. The front of the hair–fringe, bangs and long sides are almost always cut dry. This is to insure that any cowlicks or other growth patterns are visible and can be compensated for. You know what I mean if you have a cowlick in your bangs! I aim for the final style to be something you can duplicate on your own, and I am happy to give tips and advice on styling, tools and upkeep. I also am happy to provide one complimentary bang trim between Haircuts (call ahead for time availability). Please allow one full hour for your Haircut. **The only exception is curly hair that is never worn straight. In that case, the hair is texturized wet and diffused to damp dry then shaped.


My Hair color services range from the very subtle and conservative to the very bold and screaming “Look at me!” Most are somewhere in between. All Color Services start with a consultation–I don’t care if I’ve been doing your hair for 20+ years, you still have to at least say “Same thing” before I mix your color. The main components we need to consider when deciding on your perfect color are the condition of your hair, current color (whether natural or artificial), and your desired level of maintenance. For anybody wanting a change, pictures are great, so bring them. Whether it’s your kindergarten picture or a page from a magazine, I’m all for visual aids. We’ll discuss what you like and don’t like and I’ll let you know what’s possible for your head of hair. My main Color Services are: Highlights/Lowlights, One Process Color, and Highlights with Color (also called Tint Between Packets). Please allow 1 and ½ hours for a Highlight Service, and one hour for One Process Color. Blow Dry and Haircutting is not included with a Chemical Service and must be booked if desired.

Chemical Straightening

I have a respectful relationship with Chemical Straightening. You see, I love curly hair, wavy hair, big hair, and everything in between. I am a child of the 80′s after all! I used to downplay the benefits of a Straightener and talk most clients out of them. But then one day, I had an epiphany. I have lovely thick straight hair, and I wanted it curly. I’d even had a Body Wave put in on occasion to achieve this, and I was thrilled with the results. Then it dawned on me. People with curly wavy big hair and everything in between longed to have something more like my straight shiny silky hair. They told me so. Who was I to deny them that pleasure? So I got over it and became the best Hair Straightener I could be. I started with Cold (lye) Relaxers. Speed is of the essence with these, as they begin to work as soon as they touch the hair. The service is complete in one hour–quick! I played around with Perm Solution Straighteners, but didn’t really care for them. They were good for people who were afraid of lye, but that’s about it. Then the big one happened. Thermal Straighteners from Japan. Wow! People’s hair was getting really straight, but it took all day I heard, and you had to go to a special class. Then, when I saw them, the hair looked dead and TOO straight. Lifeless. Not cute. I wasn’t interested in this fad. Finally I heard about a product that was formulated for caucasion hair and I checked it out. Still took all day, but the hair came out with some body, so you could still get some style besides flat. Now the Brazilians got into the game with the Keratin Straighteners. At first I wasn’t too interested in this one either, but at the urging of some clients, I learned more, and now I think they’re pretty cool. Unlike all the other straighteners, the Brazilian doesn’t change the chemical bonds in your hair. The benefit of this is hair of any condition can be straightened. Bleached hair, split ends, doesn’t matter. The keratin just adheres to the outer layer of the hair shaft and washes out over time–-up to 4 months. So the hair reverts back to the original condition and you can choose when you touch up. Each Straightener has it’s own benefits and drawbacks. We’ll decide together which one is right for you. Cold Relaxers do not include Blow Dry or Haircutting, Thermal Straighteners and Keratin Treatments do not include Haircutting, so book these accordingly if desired. Please allow 1 hour for Cold Relaxers, 5 hours for Thermal Straightening, and 3 hours for Keratin Treatments.



Women’s Haircut 75
(Includes shampoo, condition, blow dry and style)

Shampoo and Style 40

Deep Conditioning

Add a Shine Treatment 30

Add a Deep Conditioner 30

Chemical ***

Single Process Color 60

Full Highlights 120

Partial Highlights 95

Highlights + color 120

Ombré/ Balayage 150

Body Wave 200 and up

Cold Relaxer 100 and up

Brazilian Keratin Treatment 300 and up

Thermal Relaxer 500 and up

***Chemical Services include shampoo and conditioning.

Haircuts and Blow Dries are not included with Chemical Services and should be booked

together if these services are desired. Otherwise, guests may sit under a hood dryer or leave damp after the color is checked.