About Monica Montalbano

I invite you to experience the full potential of your hair. My philosophy of hairdressing is holistic in that I will learn about your hair’s needs, abilities and lifestyle before discussing your options. I have over twenty years’ experience in advanced hairstyling techniques and have remained current through education and keeping a watchful eye on the fashion world.

My mission is to provide excellent hairdressing in a reasonable time frame and at a reasonable rate. Who needs to spend a lot of valuable time and money at the salon and not be completely satisfied? I value your time and am grateful for your patronage.

For my entire career as a hairdresser I have been perfecting my current techniques. That being said, my techniques are always evolving. There are some things that I do now that I used to think were pointless or even wrong, and many things I thought were extremely solid just don’t seem as big a deal. I’ve learned in my journey as a hairdresser to keep an open mind, and there’s more than one correct way to achieve the look you want. But there are some constants that have been enforced in my mind and I believe they will never go away, in fact, they will get stronger. One of my top priorities is keeping your hair looking and feeling in its’ best condition consistently from service to service. And as I mentioned before, I do keep an eye on fashion and trends, but the last thing I want is for you to be a slave to what’s “in style”. After all, every trendy style is pretty much a rebirth of something that has been done before, and they’re all based on a classic. So, so what if you want the exact haircut you got back in 1980? That’s great. I’m going to do my best to duplicate that with my current up-to-date skills and give you the freshest 1980’s hairdo ever. Who knows, you may actually be so retro you’re a trendsetter!

I am a born and raised Houston girl, I know we’re a rare breed, and I’m married to a born and raised Houston boy, James. We have one daughter, Phoenix, and a few fur kids that we dote on. Well not so much the cats, they’re a bunch of trouble. Don’t get me wrong I love cats, just these two have some “issues”. When I’m not doing hair related activities I’m either hanging out  with good friends and family, being a couch potato or going to a UH Football game–Go Coogs!!!  I am also very interested in all things that have to do with healthy living, so any topics or activities ranging from exercise, cooking, to natural medicine I find very interesting.  I tend to know a little in each of a wide range of these subjects and am always enthusiastic to share and to learn more.

I attended one of the top rated cosmetology schools here  and specialized in color at one of the world’s best educational salon franchises located in the Houston Galleria. After seven years of perfecting my color techniques it was time to diversify, so I refreshed my haircutting and styling training in order to fill my clients’ complete hairdressing needs. I now beautify my awesome clients at Satori Salon near the eclectic Houston Heights area.